Travis and Billy/ Ocean City MD Wedding

     This wedding was so refreshing. The bride and groom were so laid back and really just wanted to have a great time on their wedding day. The ceremony was held on a family members bayside property and was a place that was so important to the bride and groom. It is always a little challenging to photograph a wedding in the middle of the day in the sun but sometimes that is our only option. One thing that I did struggle with that day is the fact that the bride and groom had unisex names. For some reason I kept mixing up their names and we all got a laugh out of it. I am so glad I could provide everyone with entertainment. There were so many little things that we all got a snicker out of like when someone let  the Coast Guard know that there was a wedding and asked if they could kind of patrol the area to keep the onlookers at a distance. Somehow they interpreted that as needing to pass by three times with their sirens blaring and made the officiant have to start over three times with his sermon. It was still a beautiful ceremony. Andy lucked out and got to ride in the boat over to Seacrets and I got accosted in the parking lot by 8 intoxicated young men trying to climb in my van and get me to take them Bethany Beach. The reception at Seacrets was a blast and the best part was when Travis and her father roller skated to their dance.  We had a fantastic time with you guys and your families.

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